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Welcome to the HP Medizintechnik GmbH

"HP Medizintechnik GmbH develops, manufactures and sells laboratory, analytical and medical devices. Due to our experience of more than 35 years in the manufacturing of laboratory units and medical products, we are able to offer the optimal structure in development and production for medical products.".

Steam sterilisation and autoclaves

Our VARIOKLAV laboratory autoclaves allow easy loading and secure steam sterilisation while being easy to use. Besides the well-proven VARIOKLAV classic laboratory autoclaves the improved VARIOKLAV laboratory autoclaves with an automatic closing system are now available.

The VARIOKLAV TC steam sterilisers are especially adapted for the requirements of medical applications.




Mobile sterilisation of instruments and modular central sterilisation (ZSVA)

As part of our product portfolio we offer modular central sterilisation units that can be validated, developed especially for mobile use. Because of their mobility and flexibility these systems are suitable for military users and operators of semi-stationary hospitals, but also for civil disaster control organisations or when hospitals are being rebuilt. Moreover we are the systems integrator for the German Armed Forces in the field of "mobile central sterilisation".



Biological analysis platform

The third division of HP Medizintechnik GmbH is located in the future oriented field of cell-based assays on a biological analysis platform. For the first time it combines sensor-equipped test-plates with optical microscopy in an automated system. The continuous recording of multiple physiological cell parameters points out kinetics, which are hidden in traditional endpoint assays. Label-free sensor technology in combination with an automated media supply and microscopy allows a study of living cells and tissues over many days and in real time.





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